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Question: my doctor wants me on a no sugar no grain no alcohol no dairy diet for two weeks for some medication to work. Any suggestions?

Answer: Recommended diets that include no sugar, no grains, no alcohol, and no dairy are the No Grain Diet and the Coconut Diet. If there are foods (there will not be many) your doctor says not to eat in a menu switch them for something you can eat. Any further questions can be sent to [email protected].

Question: Good Evening I reside in London and am on the coconut diet. However, some of the foods listed are not easy to find here. Do you or would you consider an alternatives list. Maybe all members could contribute too. Thank you

Answer: Questions about food substitutions can be sent to [email protected].

Question: Hi, I am looking for a diet that is healthy for my body and to make me feel good. I dont need to lose weight I just want to know what nutrional and healthy meals their are I can eat instead of my frequent fast food stops.

Answer: Weight Watchers and The Willett Diet are both excellent plans for someone looking to make healthy changes in their eating and lifestyle habits.

Question: What kind of diet is good for a teenage boy who loves carbohydrates and neeeds to lose 10-15lbs/

Answer: There are several options for carb lovers, including Weight Watchers, TOPS, and Volumetrics.

Question: what the is best diet to pick if you are a diabetic?

Answer: The best diets for diabetics are the dLife Diabetic plan and Weight Watchers. Please check with your doctor before starting any weight loss plan if you are diabetic. A doctors supervision is necessary if you are taking medication and/or insulin to control diabetes. As weight is lost changes in doses may be needed.

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